Video Marketing – Who does is it right?

Brands use online video marketing to increase their customer base and to create a buzz around their company. However, with video marketing the company should concentrate on the story rather than the sale. The videos they make should create a bond with the watcher on a personal and emotional basis be it through humour, emotion (positive or negative) or an entertaining story . It is a great way to educate the consumer about your products and services and if done right can reach millions of viewers on various platforms. Online video marketing is taking the stage from traditional TV ads and some big international companies chose to launch teasers or the full campaign on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook before the ad will be on Television. Taking good tips about video content into account when making a video, brands have a great opportunity to reach consumers by making ads the consumer chooses to watch. The campaign has to be catchy in the first 5-10 seconds and keep the watchers attention so they would watch it to the end. It is important to create content someone will share with other on social media platforms. In the following I’ve picked 3 of my favourite marketing videos of Irish brands.

Tullamore Dew Whiskey

In 2013 the Irish whiskey distillery launched their ‘true Irish’ campaign in conjunction with the New York agency Opperman Weiss. The video is filmed in Wicklow, Ireland and follows a group of young suited friends walking through the Irish countryside in the rain to a graveyard where they raise a glass of the whiskey to a friend. There’s a nice twist at the end. The video called ‘the parting glass’ uses emotional advertising to present the brand as truly Irish, which they achieved with the scenery and characters in the video. The video emphasis the brands strong connection to its home country and the twist in the end makes it even more attractive. The campaign reached 5.6 million Facebook users and the company encouraged people to interact with the brand online to share their true ‘parting glass moment’ with the chance to win a trip to the distillery.

Guinness – Indonesia ‘together we are more’

This year, Guinness released a video for the south-east Asian market that tells the story of the mystery of a ski resort on top of a hill on the equator. 4 friends from a surfing village back their bags and go on the adventure of finding the ski resort. Guinness ads tell great stories that emphasise how people can achieve their dreams and highlights the importance of individuality and personality. A nice video to watch and a great campaign.


Three Ireland, Christmas ad

Three Ireland expanded on their last year’s Christmas ad, in which a girl called Anna got a cloud as her Christmas present from her dad. This year three launched a video called the girl on the cloud, where the viewer can see how Anna and the cloud became best friends and in the end how Anna gives her cloud a surprise present. Three uses story telling that attract viewers to find out how the story of the two friends ends. As very ad around this time of the year, the ad speaks to the emotion of viewers, talks about friendship and how to give your loved one the perfect surprise. Also Anna’s story can be bought as a book for the Kid’s at Christmas.