Twitter – three companies that get it right and 3 corporate Blogs that are a good read


I’m delighted to announce that I set up my very own twitter account. It might seem unusual to some that there are still people out there who don’t use this social media platform to interact not just with other people but with their favourite brands, people and much more. As I started to find my way around I kept wondering what is it that companies need to do use their twitter accounts to their full potential.

As mentioned in my last , most consumers buy brands if they can connect to the companies on a more personal level. Twitter sounds like a great opportunity for companies to do so. However, it is not enough to just tweet about the company’s products and newest inventions as this is just another way of promotion.It is about interacting with followers, respond to their queries and let them be part of the company’s social media activities.

The most successful brands on twitter seem to be more like a real person, sharing content that is of interest to their target market and who interact with followers as if the company is a person like everyone else.

Scrolling through number of twitter accounts I picked three companies that do exactly that. Filling their twitter account with interesting content people want to share, respond and re-tweet followers views and experiences.


Looking at the @oldspice twitter account description one can see that the company doesn’t take itself too serious. The brand wants to create the image of being a young and fun brand and they follow up on this with their tweets and content on twitter.


Their brand endorser Von Miller, American football player, is the latest Old spice guy. Old spice connects to their target audience, men that are physically active, in a very humorous way. The company tweets  videos about during matches and featuring Von Miller.


What also makes a twitter account more successful is engaging with followers by re-tweeting and answering directly to them.










The Company also used twitter before to create personal and real-time marketing. The Old Spice guy created videos on YouTube for followers that asked him questions and gave suggestions on Twitter.This campaign turned out to be a huge success and helped the company to re-brand.



R/GA is an american advertising agency  with its’ headquarters in New York and offices all around the world. They are experts in creating marketing content based on technology and design. Their social media appearance is one other companies can look up to. They’re target market are organisations and companies looking to improve their marketing activities with new technologies and I think R/GA’s twitter account does well in speaking to them on social media.

Chapin Clark is the man behind the company’s twitter activities and found away to present the company well with humorous links and tweets. He talks about what is happening in the marketing world on a personal basis and captures funny and important moments of what is happening in the world around us.Here are some examples for his work on twitter. There is much more and it’s worth following.





Almost everyone knows the Snicker’s tagline “You’re not you when you’re hungry” and there is a reason why. This campaign succeeded on all levels and social media especially twitter played a huge part in it. In the UK celebrities tweeted 5, for them unusual, statements about current news and the 5th on includes the snickers tagline. Examples are Rio Ferdinand and Katie Price, which created a buzz around the brand.

The tagline leaves room for creativity for followers to use themselves. It’s all about interaction and entertaining your followers. Another reason why this campaign is so successful is the integrated marketing communication strategy they are using. All marketing efforts have on clear message, offline as well as online.



Companies get blogging!

Blogs are growing to be a very important part of digital advertising for companies. Successful organisations have realised how important it is to give their company a personal touch by adding blogs to their social media presence. As I have probably mentioned before it is essential to create sharable content on social media to keep the company in the top of consumer minds, increase traffic on their website to engage with consumers on a more personal level by giving them insides to the organisations activities. A good way to do so is by including a blog in social media activities. Not only get other bloggers to talk about our business but to have a blog of your own. Here are three examples of companies that have understood the importance of blogs and are very successful to do so.


A huge company that is trying to create a more personal and reachable corporation for their consumers. Microsoft has successfully created a blog that gives consumers a personal inside to their company. Employees and other insiders of Microsoft write about their experiences, new inventions and current issues surrounding the overall company which makes consumers feel like they can be part of the successful journey of the company. Visiting the official Microsoft website, the user can go the news section and find the Microsoft Blog. The design of the news section itself is easy to navigate and designed in way that makes it simple to find the stories and blogs.


There is a section of the different blog the consumer can choose from, related to products like office and other programs.

The ‘on the issues’ section for example includes blog posts about how Microsoft technologies can help solving issues occurring around the world.


With the range of different blogs on the website viewers have the chance to get inside into all the different areas of the organisation which makes it possible to connect with the big Microsoft corporation.


Birch Box

Birchbox is a New York City-based online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five selected samples of makeup, or other beauty related products. These products include skin care items, perfumes, organic based products and various other cosmetics” (Wikipedia). Not only do they have a great and successful business idea but they know how to do social media right. Especially successful is their Blog section. With the idea of sending samples to their consumers they’ve created the ideal platform of advertising through bloggers around the world, that’s why they publish and support other bloggers on their site , Guest Bloggers. This strategy makes it possible to show consumers real people using their products not unreachable celebrities.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a distributor of natural foods, products and healthcare in Ireland. Their blog section on their website includes their own corporate blog and guest blogs. the content of their blog posts is mainly on how to life a healthy lifestyle, which is what their target audience is looking for. They gain credibility by creating content that is related to issues of their consumers and not just plainly promoting their products. The viewer can choose from the different categories related to their specific interests and needs like exam stress, mother and baby or recipes and much more. Again content that users might share with their social network. The blogs are written by experts and employees of the company and also consumers in the Guest Blog section where Bloggers can share their opinions and experiences.



Companies can, if they do it right, use social media to create a brand image, attract attention to their brand and increase sales by engaging interacting and entertaining their audience on numerous platforms. Twitter and blogs being only two of the many tools that have proven to be important marketing tools.







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